Pairs of words and Group names



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Verbal Reasoning


Topic: Pairs of words and Group names.




Look carefully at the first two pairs and observe how the two words in each pair are related. Choose from the options lettered a – e, the word which is related to the fifth word in the same way as the words of the first two pairs are related.



Example: lump, slumps; tab, stabs; late, _____________

(a) lasts (b) stale (c) slates (d) states (e) slate


The correct answer is therefore ‘slates’ which is option c.


1. grates, grade; mates, made; fates, _____________.

(a) fade (b) fate (c) feed (d) fats (e) feet


2. throw, row; freight, eight; grate, _______________.

(a) rat (b) rate (c) ate (d) tea (g) gate


3. goals, got; lesson, let; manor, ______________.

(a) man (b) mad (c) mane (d) mast (e) mat


4. tale, stall; male, small; tile, ___________.

(a) stall (b) still (c) stile (d) stale (e) stilt


5. tease, test; peace, pest; lease, _____________.

(a) ease (b) leave (c) leash (d) lest (e) least


6. protects, project; tingles, jingle; tacks, _____________.

(a) jack (b) tact (c) ark (d) act (e) axe




Instructions: Each of the following items consists of five words labeled a – e. One of the words is a general term which describes what the other four words are.



(a) six (b) ten (c) number (d) twelve (e) twenty


The general term is ‘number’. This describe what the other words are, so the answer is C.


7. (a) hoe (b) hammer (c) saw (d) tool (e) matchet


8. (a) jacket (b) clothing (c) blouse (d) shirt (e) shorts


9. (a) hour (b) time (c) minute (d) second (e) week


10. (a) ambulance (b) bus (c) lorry (d) car (e) vehicle


11. (a) person (b) boy (c) man (d) girl (e) woman


12. (a) rat (b) lizard (c) dog (d) animal (e) elephant

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