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Agricultural Science: Forest Resources, Marketing, and Distribution for JSS 2

Forest Resources and Their Uses 🌳 Timber: Used for building houses and making furniture. Example: Wood for chairs and tables. Fruits and Nuts: Provide food for people and animals. Example: Mangoes, cashews. Medicinal Plants: Used to make medicine. Example: Aloe vera for skin treatments. Wildlife Habitat: Homes for animals and birds. Example: Monkeys and birds

Understanding Chain, Gear, and Belt Drives for JSS 2 Students

Chain Drive ⛓️ Definition: Uses chains to transfer motion between gears. Example: Bicycle chains. Components: Chain and sprockets. Example: The metal chain and gears on a bike. Advantages: Strong and durable. Example: Ideal for heavy machinery. Uses: Bicycles, motorcycles, and conveyors. Example: Motorcycles use chain drives to move the wheels. Gear Drive ⚙️ Definition: Uses

Mastering Direct and Indirect Variation: A Guide for JSS 2 Students

Direct Variation and Indirect Variation Subject: Mathematics Class: JSS 2 Term: Third Term Week: 5 Topic: Direct Variation and Indirect Variation 1. Introduction to Variation: Direct Variation: When one quantity increases, the other also increases. Formula: y = kx, where k is a constant. Example: If y = 10 when x = 2, find y


  CLASS JS2 3RD TERM FIRST FORM ORDER TEST SOCIAL STUDIES Explain the following (a) Science (b) Technology State three of the traditional technology used during the primitive era. Identify three correct ways of using Home Appliances.     Social Studies Test: Understanding Science, Technology, and Home Appliances Explaining Science and Technology: Science: Science is

Third Term First Form Text  CLASS JS2 PHE

Third Term First Form Text CLASS JS2 PHE What is posture? Mention 6 postural defects Name 4 methods of preserving food Mention 3 importance of food preservation The four members of a relay team is called..     PHE Lesson for JS2: Understanding Posture and Food Preservation Posture: Posture is how we hold and position

Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Define science and technology: Science is the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation, aiming to understand how things work. Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, to solve problems or improve processes. Importance of science and technology in society: (i) Advancement in healthcare: Technology like medical equipment and
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