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At Edu Delight Tutors, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of online resources that empower both teachers and students on their educational journeys. Whether you’re an enthusiastic learner seeking knowledge or an educator dedicated to shaping young minds, our platform offers a wealth of tools, materials, and support to help you excel.

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Scheme of Work







  • Primary 2 First Term
  • Primary 2 Second Term
  • Primary 2  Third Term























  • Jss 2 First Term
  • Jss 2 Second Term
  • Jss 2 Third Term



  • Jss 3 First Term
  • Jss 3 Second Term
  • Jss 3 Third Term










  • SSS 2 First Term
  • SSS 2 Second Term
  • SSS 2 Third Term


  • First Term  SSS 3
  • Second Term  SSS 3
  • Third Term SSS 3


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