A man who writes poems is called a



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Verbal Reasoning


Topic: Tests


              Section A


Instructions: Read the sentences carefully and give one word, which describes the following.


1. A man who writes poems is a ______________.


2. A child whose parents are dead is called a/ an _______________.


3. A woman who writes books is called ____________.


          Section B


Complete each of these sentences with a suitable word:


4. Food is to hungry as drink is to ______________.


5. Drink is to drunk as begin is to ______________.


6. ____________ is to crow as dog is to bark.


7. __________ is to Mrs. as brother is to sister.



            Section C


Instructions: Pick out the word which is not of the same class as the others from each of the following groups:


8. River, gold, stream, spring, sea = ______________


9. Goat, hen, cock, turkey, pigeon = _____________


10. Week, month, day, flower, hour = _____________.

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