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(1.)   _______ are the people who are committed to promoting and safeguarding the right of all individuals (a) human activities (b) human right activist (c) human right activities (d) human activists

(2.)   Which of the following acronyms does not belong or is not a pressure group (a)  IBBS (b) NLC (c) NUJ (d) NUT (3.)   __ is someone who directs or guides others (a) A boss (b) A master (c) A leader (d) leadership

(4.)   A political party is an organization that seeks to gain or maintain power within the government (a) false (b) true (c) all of the above (d) none of the above

(5.)   The movement of the earth around the sun is called ______ (a) evolution (b) rotation (c) solar system (d) revolution

(6.)   The movement of the earth in a spinning motion from West to East is called ____ (a) rotation (b) solar system (c) revolution (d) evolution

(7.)   _____ is a sudden event that causes great damage or loss of life (a)  rainfall           (b) sunset       (c) disaster    (d) drainage

(8.)   Which of the following is not a natural disaster (a)  Floods                        (b) hurricane (c) plane crash (d) earthquake

(9.)   The major occupation of people living in the northern part of Nigeria ____ (a)  farming          (b) banking   (c) engineering         (d) trading

(10.)    Sokoto and Kaduna are located in the _____ part of Nigeria (a)  Western         (b) Northern  (c) Eastern     (d) Southern

(11.)    The exchange of goods for goods and services for service is known as _____ (a)  Trade by money       (b) Goods exchange                         (c) Exchange of goods  (d) trade by barter

(12.)    The goods and services a country sells to other countries are called (a) import (b) exports (c) trading (d) exchange

(13.) ___________ is an institution that accept money from people in the form of deposits (a) an insurance (b) a bank  (c) an ATM  (d) Central bank

(14.) Which of the following is not a banking industry in Nigeria (a) GTBank (b) First Bank (c) Barclays Bank (d) Zenith Bank

(15.)    The state of having no job that pays you income is referred to as ____ (a)  Education      (b) unemployment  (c) employment       (d) opportunity (16.)          Solution to unemployment include the following except _____ (a) entrepreneurship (b) crime (c) skills enhancement (d) agriculture

(17.) _________ is the money an individual or a business receives in exchange for labour and services (a) capital (b) payment (c) income (d) labour

(18.) In an organization, the level of education is used to determine the salaries pay to the workers (a) true (b) false (c) all of the above (d) none of the above

(19.) A borrowed sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest is known as _______ (a) capital (b) loan (c) income (d) salary

(20.) Drugs taken without doctors advice is called ____ (a) drug prescription (b) drug administered (c) drug abuse (d) drug regulation



(Section B)

(1.) What is disaster ________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   (b.) List the two types of disaster (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________



(2.) Define unemployment? ________________________________________________________



b.) State any three solutions to unemployment in Nigeria (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________





(3.) Who are human right activists? __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) Define a leader _______________________________________________________________





. (   4.) What is a bank? ______________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) Explain a loan _______________________________________________________________







. (   5.) Define revolution of the earth ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________   b.) What is rotation of the earth ____________________________________________________      ____________________________________________________________________________


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