Definition and characteristics of plastic, ceramic, and rubber. Various uses of plastic, ceramic, and rubber materials in daily life. Basic Technology JSS 1 Second Term Lesson Notes Week 5

Subject: Basic Technology Class: JSS 1 Term: Second Term Week: 5 Topic: Plastic, Ceramic, Rubber Uses Duration: 40 minutes Entry Behaviour: Students are expected to have basic knowledge of different materials like plastic, ceramic, and rubber. Key Words: Plastic, Ceramic, Rubber, Uses, Materials Behavioural Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able

Learning Igbo Language Phrases and Expressions

IGBO LANG. JS1 Zaa ajuju Ano   Dee akuku ahu ise   Deputa Agwa oma abuo na Agwa ọjọọ abuo   Otu uru Agwa oma na Otu oghọm dị na Agwa ojoo   Dee ihe abuo umuaka na-eme ma Satodee   Olee ihe abuo umuaka na-eme na ubochị nkịtį. Learning Igbo Language Phrases and Expressions

Types of Occupations and Definitions Business Studies JSS 1

What is an Occupation? An occupation is a person’s regular work or profession, typically considered as a means of earning a living. 1b. Mention the three types of occupation you were taught: Agricultural Occupations: Involves activities related to farming and cultivation of land. Industrial Occupations: Involves work related to manufacturing and production. Service or Professional

Sports Classification and Safety Precautions – PHE JS1

PHE JS1 1. Name 4 full contact sports 2. Mention 4 non-contact sports 3. Name 4 aquatic sports 4. Explain two safety precautions in sports. 5. Name two facilities used in swimming PHE JS1 Name 4 Full Contact Sports: a) Football b) Rugby c) Boxing d) Wrestling Mention 4 Non-Contact Sports: a) Table Tennis b)

Relationship Sustenance and Ruth’s Faithfulness – CRS JS2

CRS JS2 Explanation of How Ruth Served Her Mother-in-law Faithfully: Ruth demonstrated faithfulness and loyalty to her mother-in-law, Naomi, by accompanying her to a foreign land, even after the death of Naomi’s sons. She worked diligently in the fields, gleaning leftover grain to provide for both of them. Ruth’s commitment extended to her willingness to