Western Music Periods and Baroque Composers

Music 1. Periods of Western Music Medieval (c. 500 – c. 1400): This period spans from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the early Renaissance. Renaissance (c. 1400 – c. 1600): A time of rebirth in arts and culture, featuring polyphonic music and advancements in harmony. Baroque (c. 1600 – c. 1750): Characterized

Helping Nigerian Children Overcome Academic Challenges

Learn how to help Nigerian children with poor academic behavioral problems. Discover strategies like setting routines, offering extra help, and promoting healthy habits for better learning outcomes.   Helping The Nigerian Child With Poor Academic Behavioural Problems   In school, some students may face challenges with their academic work. Poor academic behavior can include trouble

Online Safety for Nigerian Children

Protecting the Nigerian Child from the Dangers of Online Technology In today’s world, technology is a big part of our lives. We use it for many things, like talking to friends, playing games, and learning new things. But, while the internet can be helpful, it can also be a dangerous place for children. As a

Examination Revision Mathematics JSS 2 Second Term Lesson Notes

Question: What is the length of an electric pole? Answer: An electric pole is 24 meters long. Question: What happens to 25% of the electric pole? Answer: 25% of the electric pole is driven into the soil. Question: How much of the electric pole remains above the soil? Answer: After driving 25% into the soil,

Metal and Wood Engineering: Examination Revision for JSS 2 Students

Get answers to common questions about metal and wood engineering in simple terms suitable for students in junior secondary school. Learn about types of metals, wood properties, tools used, safety precautions, and more! Metal and Wood Engineering: FAQs for Students What is metal engineering? Metal engineering involves working with metals to create useful products and

Examination Basic Technology JSS 2 Second Term Lesson Notes

SECTION A Accidents can be caused by any of the following EXCEPT A. Carelessness B. Concentration C. Faulty tools D. Fatigue The following items are needed to access the internet on the phone EXCEPT A. Browser software B. Data C. Phone D. Memory Card The tendency of a metal to break easily is called A.

JSS 2 History Questions and Answers: Pre-Colonial Societies in Nigeria

Explore comprehensive answers to JSS 2 History questions on pre-colonial societies in Nigeria. Learn about governance, culture, and more in this educational guide JSS 2 History Questions and Answers Class Activity Discussion with answers: Q: Who was responsible for the governance and welfare of the people in Urhobo and Isoko political organization? A: A. Community

Second Term Examination History JSS 2

SECTION A: OBJECTIVE Who was responsible for the governance and welfare of the people in Urhobo and Isoko political organization? A. Community elders B. Nation elders C. Council of elders D. Age-grade leaders How can Urhobo and Isoko political and social organization be described? A. Theocracy B. Gerontocracy C. Plutocracy D. Aristocracy Which ethnic group
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