What is Respiration?



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Basic Science and Technology


Topic: Revision (Respiration and Excretion)


Instructions: Read and answer the following questions correctly.


1. What is Respiration?



2. The air we breathe in is called ________________, while the air we breathe out is called ______________________.


3. List three respiratory organs in the body.

____________, ____________ and ______________.


4. The ____________ connects the nose and bronchi.

(a) mouth (b) wind pipe (c) Lungs


5. When air is breathed in, we say air is ______________.

(a) exhaled (b) inhaled (c) excreted


6. ________________ is the process where by waste products are removed from the body. (a) Circulation (b) Respiration (c) Excretion


7. The skin removes ________ from the body.   

(a) urine (b) sweat (c) bile salt


8. The excretory organs in the human body are _____________, ______________, _____________ and ___________


9. There are ________ kidneys in our body. 

(a) two (b) four (c) three


10. Complete the equation below on respiration:

Food + ___________ = Water + Carbondioxide + ____________

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