Prefixes and Suffixes


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Verbal Reasoning


Topic: Prefixes and Suffixes


A.) A prefix is a letter or group of letters placed in front of another word to change it meaning.

Examples of common prefixes are: a-, ab-, ante-, anti-, ex-, mal-, pre-, bi-, con-, sub-, di-, uni-, etc.


ab + normal = abnormal

ex + hale = exhale

tri + angle = triangle

ante + natal = ante-natal

re + produce = reproduce

IL + legal = illegal

Dis + appear = disappear

Mis + fortune = Misfortune


B.) Suffixes:

A suffix is a letter or group of letters placed at the end of a word to change its meaning. When a sufgix is added, it can change the word from one part of speech to another.


I. Some suffixes make the new words become adjectives. E.g. – ary, – ery, -en, – ish, – less, – ous

For example: dangerous, useless,


II. Those which make the words turn into verbs include: – ing, – ed, – en, – ure, -ize. Examples are nationalize, lighten, directed, etc.


III. Suffixes which turn words into nouns include: -or, – ar, – er, – ship, – hood, – ment, – tion. Examples are punishment, friendship, childhood, etc.


Do the following exercise:


1.) Complete the following by adding the correct prefixes: ( dis, ex, il, mis, im, un, ir, fore, de, in)


a.) ______port

b.) ______qualify

c.) ______safe

d.) ______courage

e.) ______happy

f.) ______literate

g.) _____visible

h.) _____throne


2.) Complete the following by supplying suitable suffixes using these:- ( ful, ness, able, less, ment, ant, al,)


a.) accident = ________________________

b.) judge = ________________________

c.) defend = ________________________

d.) refuse = ________________________

e.) hope = ________________________

f.) use = ________________________

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