Meaning of duties and obligations


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Civic Education

Topic: Meaning of duties and obligations

Duties are the expected roles every citizen should play for others to enjoy their rights and for the common good of all.

Obligation is a compulsory service or sacrifice which a citizen must perform or make for the survival of the society. It is also known as responsibility.
Sometimes the two words can be used interchangeably depending on circumstances.

Duties of Pupil’s in the family and the school.

Pupil’s are expected to perform certain duties both in the family and school. These duties include :

I. Respect for elders, for example parents, teachers, prefects, etc.
II. Obedience to elders and school rules and regulations.
III. Care for public property, e.g. school facilities.
IV. Having a good image by representing the family and school positively.
V. Being hard-working at home and at school, for example completing house chores and doing school work at the right time.


1.) Explain the following :
a.) Duties: __________________________________________________________

b.) Obligations : __________________________________________________________

2.) Mention three duties of pupils at home or school

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