The ruling political party in Nigeria is


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Civic Education


Topic: Tests


 Instructions : Read and answer the following questions.


1. The ruling political party in Nigeria is _______________.

(a) APC (b) PDP (c) APGA


2. The use of drugs without doctor’s prescription is known as __________________. (a) drug addict (b) drug trafficking (c) drug abuse


3. Which of the following is not a good value? 

(a) honesty (b) stealing (c) discipline


4. A ____________ is legal member who belongs to a particular country.

(a) Alien (b) Citizen

 (c) Foreigner


5. The first political party was formed in what year? (a) 1923 (b) 1993 (c) 2003


6. Define Nationalism


7. List two examples of non-national symbols.


8. Mention the two types of National Honours Awards.