Father and son; Mother and _____________.


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Verbal Reasoning


In each of the following items, a word is missing. Choose from the alternatives the word which is most suitable to complete the pair.



Father and son; Mother and _____________.

(grandmother, niece, husband, daughter)


The correct answer is daughter


  1. Aeroplane and pilot; Ship and _____________________

(captain, cabin, sailor , driver)


  1. Giant and tall; Razor and _______________.

(hard, sharp, dry, heavy)


  1. Bee and hive; Spider and ______________.

( web, nest, tree, coop)


  1. Nigeria and Abuja; _______________ and Cairo.

( Egypt, Tunisia, China, Kenya)


  1. Hand and Wrist; Foot and ______________.

( elbow, knee, ankle, waist)


  1. Bachelor and Spinster; Monk and _______________.

( Nun, Heroine, Lass, Duchess)


  1. Teacher and school; Warder and _______________.

( court, stadium, prison, home)


  1. Ladies and bevy; Flower and _______________.

( fleet, bunch, clutch, bouquet)

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