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Types and Importance of Traditional Accessories Cultural and Creative Arts Primary 3 Second Term Lesson Notes Week 9

Subject: Cultural and Creative Arts Class: Primary 3 Term: Second Term Week: 9 Topic: Fashion Accessories Sub-topic: Types and Importance of Traditional Accessories Duration: 40 minutes Entry Behaviour: Students should be able to recall the previous lesson on traditional dances and demonstrate basic understanding of fashion. Key words: Fashion, accessories, traditional, importance. Behavioural Objectives: Define

NECO BECE Registration 2023/2024

Here is some information about BECE 2024 registration: Registration for the 2024/2025 WAEC Examination started on Monday, October 30, 2023 and will end on Wednesday, January 31, 2024. The registration fee is N27,000 plus a N500 bank/agent commission. The exam date is Monday, May 6, 2024. To register, candidates can: Go to Enter their

Enhance Learning with Online Resources & Platforms

The Importance of Online Materials in Effective Education Presentation and Delivery In today’s rapidly changing world, the use of online materials has become increasingly important in education. As your teacher, I want to share with you why online materials play a vital role in delivering effective lessons: Access to Diverse Resources: Online materials provide access

Project Defence : Essence and Possible Defence Questions and Guide

What is a project defence? A project defense, also known as a thesis defense or dissertation defense, is an academic event where a student presents and defends their research project or thesis in front of a panel of experts. This panel typically consists of professors or scholars who are knowledgeable in the field related to

Project Defence Likely Questions

PROJECT DEFENSE SCORING GUIDE MASTERS DEGREE IN EDUCATION SCORING FORMAT Thesis Topic: Provide a clear statement of your thesis topic. (5 marks) Motivation and Problem Statement: Explain what motivated your study and articulate the problem statement. (10 marks) Variables Identification: Clearly identify the independent, dependent, and other relevant variables. (5 marks) Chapter 3 Overview: Present

What is a plant? Agricultural Science Primary 2

  What is a Plant: Living Organism: A plant is a living thing that grows and develops in the soil. The part of the plant that is above the soil level is the shoot while the part of the plant thar is in the soil is the root Produces its Own Food: Plants make their