Pick the right answer from the given alternatives
1.) __________ is the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife
(a) marriage (b) family (c) religion
2.) The primary reason why people get married is because of ______ (a) money (b) fame (c) love
3.) ___________ is a type of marriage whereby a man is allowed to marry a woman
(a) monogamous marriage (b) polygamous marriage (c) polytechnic marriage
4.) ____________ is the smallest social unit (a) marriage (b) school (c) family
5.) In most African communities, a man is allowed to marry more than one wife. This type of marriage is known as ______ (a) occultic (b) polygamy (c) monogamy

6.) Illegimate power means power without _______ (a) authority (b) strength (c) pity
7.) Armed robbers have ___________ power (a) supreme (b) illegimate (c) authority
8.) ____________ power is better than coercieve power (a) persuasive (b) predictive (c) inbuilt
9.) Teacher, parents or elders in the society derive ________ power from the society and family
(a) social (b) police (c) spiritual
10.) President, Governors and Senators derive _________ powers from the constitution
(a) religious (b) political (c) spiritual
11.) A ____ is a person whose age is between eighteen and forty (a) toddler (b) teenager (c) youth
12.) Actress, Nigerian actors, musicians and artists help to promote Nigeria ________
(a) culture (b) sin (c) vices
13.) _____________ is a break in marriage (a) divorce (b) engagement (c) courtship
14.) One of the reasons why people get divorced is ___________ (a) love (b) fidelity (c) infidelity
15.) Fighting abuse or childlessness in marriage can lead to _______ in marriage
(a) divorce (b) understanding (c) love
16.) Divorce is always hard on children when their parents get separated
(a) true (b) false (c) undecided
17.) A young man who is not yet married is called a ____________ (a) bachelor (b) lad (c) lass
18.) A young lady who is yet to get married is called a ______ (a) bachelor (b) spinster (c) clergy
19.) Pre-marital sex may lead to ______ (a) respect (b) honesty (c) shameful unwanted pregnancy
20.) HIV + means HIV ________ (a) negative (b) positive (c) cross
21.) ARVs are _______ (a) anti-retroviral drugs (b) anti-revenue drive (c) anti-revolution dancers
22.) Poverty is related to high rate of HIV infection in Africa (a) true (b) false (c) undecided
23.) ______________ is a mode of worship (a) song (b) celebrities (c) religion

24.) Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is the pace setter and founder of_________
(a) Islam (b) Hindu (c) cultism
25.) Islam is a religion of ________ (a) the wicked (b) Boko haram (c) peace
26.) There are ___________ pillars of Islam (a) seven (b) nine (c) five
27.) Hajj is also known as holy ____________ in Islam (a) pilgrimage (b) excursion (c) tourism
28.) The holy book is the Christians is called the Holy __________ (a) tab (b) Bible (c) scroll
29.) Christians worship in the ____________ (a) mosque (b) church (c) shrine
30.) All the three religions in Nigeria have a deep strong belief in the existence of ONE SUPREME BEING (a) true (b) false (c) undecided







2nd Term Social Studies Pry 2 Examinations



Part B: Theory
1.) Mention two reasons why you should not engage in pre-marital sex
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

b.) HIV stands for __________________________________________________________

2.) What is globalization? _________________________________________________________

b.) What is culture? ______________________________________________________________

3.) What is importation? __________________________________________________________

b.) What is exportation? __________________________________________________________

4.) What is gender discrimination? __________________________________________________

b.) What is female gender mutilation? _______________________________________________

5.) What is internal trade? _________________________________________________________

b.) What is international trade? _____________________________________________________

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