Importance of Agricultural Science Week 1 Revision

Subject : Agricultural Science

Class : Primary 6/ Basic 6

Term : Third Term

Week : Week 1

Topic : Revision



  1. What is the meaning of agriculture
  2. Who are the end users of Agricultural produce
  3. What are the two words that are joined together to form agriculture
  4. How is cassava propagated
  5. What is the method of growing maize
  6. What product can cocoa can be processed to produce
  7. What animals are commonly reared in the northern part of Nigeria. Mention two
  8. Who are the buyers of Agricultural produce
  9. Mention four importance of agriculture
  10. Mention four Agricultural produce that can be consumed as food without cooking
  11. Most trees from forest are good for roofing when building houses. Mention two trees that are good for roofing
  12. Mention four Employment opportunities in agriculture
  13. Mention four Agricultural produce that can also be used as raw materials in industries
  14. Mention four plants that are also good as medicinal herbs
  15. How to early men lived in the olden days
  16. Some farm animals can also be used as means of transportation. Mention two of such animals
  17. Mention four ways of storing Agricultural produce
  18. Who is a gardener
  19. Who is a florist
  20. Who is veterinary doctor
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