2nd Term Social Studies Pry 2 Examinations







1. We feel ________ when we are ill. (a) Strong (b) weak (c) Healthy

2. The following are common illness in the community except _______(a) malaria (b) cholera (c) epilepsy

3. ______ is a symptoms of illness (a) headache (b) Eating (c) Dreaming

4. Which of the following is used to preserve food in the home ? (a) Air condition (b) refrigerator (c) Electric Iron

5. Which of the following is used to cool our room ? (a) Refrigerator (b) Television (c) Air conditioner

6. Which of the following enable us to speak with distant people? (a) Television (b) Telephone (c) Radio

7. Which of the following is used to bake cake and bread ? (a) Water-Heater (b) Stove (c) Oven

8. The intake of drugs in large dosage is called ________ (a) Drug abuse (b) Drug mistake (c) Prevention

9. We should confirm from the _______on which type of drug to use when we are sick (a) Teacher (b) Doctor (c) President

10.We should always keep the floor ____________(a) wet (b) clean (c) dirty

11. Which of the following is a means of road transportation?

(a) Bicycle (b) Helicopter (c) Ship


12. Which of this is an olden day’s means of transportation?

Car (b) Plane (c) Camel


13. Are harmful substances good for our health?

Yes (b) No


14. Is petrol a harmful substance?

Yes (b) No


15. What is the harmful substance in an unripe fruit called?

Base (b) Acid (c) Water


16 The use of drug abuse can cause _______

Madness (b) wealth (c) success


17 Drug abuse can lead to dropout from school

Yes (b) no


18 We can seek advice from the following people except_____

(a)Thugs (b) parents (c) Nurses


19 Which of these methods can be used to purify waters for drinking

(a) Boiling (b) Steaming (c) Burning


20 Addiction is one of dangers of drug abuse

(a) True (b) False


21. We have ____ major types of families in our community

(a) Three (b) Two (c) Four


22. Who is your Uncle?

(a) The brother of my father or my mother

(b) The nephew of my father

(c) The brother of my father only


23. In which tribe of Nigeria do women carry ‘ ipele ‘ on their shoulder?

(a) Huasa (b) Fulani (c) Yoruba


24. How many wives can a Christian have?

(a) One (b) Two (c) Six


25. _________ is useful during wedding

(a) Sand (b) Kolanut (c) Cat


26. Is drinking of kerosene poisonous?

(a) Yes (b) No (c) Maybe


27. ______ can be given to a victim of poison

(a) Milk (b) Palm oil (c) Tea


28. Our meals must always be _______

(a) Covered (b) Exposed (c) Opened


29. Which of these cause food poisoning?

(a) Flies (b) Onions (c) Salt


30. The following are different forms of marriage except_______

(a) Islamic marriage (b) Christian marriage

(c) Bar marriage.







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