CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                  

SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES NAME:………………………………………………….  


1.) ____________ is the legal union on a man and a woman to become husband and wife. (a) Level (b) Marriage (c) Family


2.) The smallest social entity of any community is the ___________. (a) Father (b) Family (c) Marriage


3.) Taking drugs without doctor’s approval is known as drug __________.                  (a) survival (b) mistake (c) abuse


4.) Mr. Abdul has three wives. His family can be said to be __________.                     (a) polygamous (b) monopoly (c) polythenic


5.) James from Abia State marries Fatimah from Kaduna State. This is an example of ____________ ethnic marriage. (a) Inter (b) Intra (c) Ultra


6.) Mr. Fidelis from Edo State has decided to marry a damsel from Edo State. This is an example of ___________ ethnic marriage. (a) Inter (b) Intra (c) Ultra


7.) Social Studies is the study of _________ and his environment. (a) man                  (b) nature (c) life





8.) A ___________ is a lowland between two hills. (a) mountain (b) valley                  (c) ocean





9.) ___________ is the head of the family. (a) Father (b) Mother (c) Teacher





10.) A form of marriage within the same ethnic group is known as _________ ethnic marriage. (a) Inter (b) Intra (c) Ultra





11.) ___________ is the senate president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.                (a) Muhammed Buhari (b) Bukola Saraki (c) Akinwunmi Ambode





12.) __________ is the sum total way of life. (a) Religion (b) Culture                         (c) Marriage





13.) Nigeria became a Republic on October 1st , ___________. (a) 1953 (b) 1963 (c) 1960



14.) The Quran is to the Muslims as the Bible is to the ___________. (a) occultist (b) Fetish (c) Christians


15.) There are _________ arms of government. (a) four (b) three (c) six


16.) There are ________ levels of government. (a) two (b) nine (c) three


17.) The ___________ government is also known as government at the grass root. (a) Federal (b) State (c) Local


18.) Pre-marital sex may lead to ___________. (a) joy (b) happiness (c) death


19.) The place of worship of the traditional worshippers is  called a __________. (a) mosque (b) church (c) shrine



20.) Democracy day in Nigeria is celebrated every ________ of every year.                 (a) 27th  of May  (b) 29th of May  (c) 1st of May  



PART B   1.)  What is Marriage? 




2.)  Write out two advantages of Inter-ethnic Marriage _____________________________________________________________________



3.)  Write out two disadvantages of inter-ethnic Marriage _____________________________________________________________________________________


4.)  What is Communication? _____________________________________________________________________________________



5.)  What is transportation? ______________________________________________________________________________________                    

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