CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                       




Instructions: There are three sentences in the following question. Arrange them in the correct order by writing out the correct figure sequence


  • A paper fell into it
  • The paper get wet
  • There was water in the bucket Ans = 312


) He went back since the door was not opened

ii.) He knocked at the door

iii.) He came to the house               Ans =


) The passengers boarded the bus

ii.) The driver of the bus parked by the road

iii.) It was raining heavily               Ans =


) The footballer scored a goal

ii.) The spectators clapped for him

iii.) The footballer was happy too                         Ans =


) Musa fell off a bicycle

ii.) Musa was taken to the hospital

iii.) Musa was riding on a bicycle                         Ans =


) Esther visited the Yankari Games Reserve

ii.) Esther travelled to Bauchi

iii.) Esther saw a lion for the first time     Ans =


Part B: Write out the general name for all other items

Example:       (a) Audience                         (b) Crown                  (c) Mob                      (d) People  


  •      (a) fruit                      (b) guava                   (c) mango                  (d) orange      Ans =
  •      (a) beverage              (b) bournvita             (c) milo                      (d) Nescafe    Ans =
  •      (a) bird                       (b) eagle                     (c) ostrich                  (d) owl           Ans =
  •      (a) aunt                      (b) family                  (c) father                    (d) mother     Ans =
  • (a) boot             (b) canvas                  (c) foot-wear             (d) sandal      Ans =


Part C: Write out the one that does not belong to the group

Example:       (a) Clinic       (b) dispensary (c) hospital (d) supermarket        Ans = supermarket

  • (a) apple (b) cassava    (c) mango      (d) orange      Ans =
  • (a) blind (b) deaf          (c) dumb        (d) poor          Ans =
  • (a) church (b) hospital    (c) hut                        (d) office       Ans =
  • (a) ear (b) eye            (c) lip             (d) nose          Ans =
  • (a) jump (b) run                        (c) shout        (d) walk         Ans =


Part D: In each of the following questions, two incomplete word are given. Choose from the option lettered A to D, the one that will correctly complete the first one and begins the second. An example is given below


L i m _p    p_ u r e    (a) c (b) b (c) p (d) s            Ans = (c) = p

  • C o u g ( ) o n e y             (a) m   (b) g    (c) h    (d) m
  • P o ( ) e n t                       (a) p    (b) i     (c) p    (d) g
  • K i n ( ) o n g                    (a) e    (b) i     (c) p    (d) g
  • P i n ( ) i t e                      (a) k    (b) l      (c) n   (d) p
  • M i n u t ( ) m u l a t e    (a) i     (b) o    (c) e     (d) a
  • N i n ( ) v i l                     (a) k    (b) i     (c) e    (d) d
  • C o u r ( ) i g h t               (a) m    (b) t     (c) l    (d) d
  • S p r i n ( ) a t h e r          (a) h     (b) g     (c) i    (d) f
  • B o a r ( ) e a r                  (a) d     (b) w    (c) c    (d) h
  • O p e ( ) e a t                    (a) a     (b) d      (c) s    (d) n


Part E: In each of the following questions a word is missing. Choose from the given alternatives lettered A to D the word that most suitably fills the space


Example: Feather and bird, fin and ______ (a) fish (b) hen (c) lizard (d) elephant             Ans = (a) fish

  • Scent and smell, beauty and __________ (a) art (b) hearing (c) sight (d) dressing
  • Sheep and bleat, pig and _________ (a) neighs (b) bellow (c) grunt (d) trumpet
  • Cut and knife, sew and ___________ (a) seed (b) needle (c) tailor (d) pin
  • Friends and party, monkeys and ________ (a) group (b) gang (c) mob (d) troop
  • Mouth and eat, nose and __________ (a) breathe (b) sneeze (c) sound (d) scent