Revision of Difficult Area of Work In First Term Primary 1 Lesson


Week 7

Phonological Awareness – Blending sounds of letters to form words 

Speech Work – Introduction of self 

Structure – Differentiation of sex. She is a girl 

Vocabulary – New words 

Reading – Blending sounds of letters to form words eg /v/ + an ( to form van) 

Writing – Writing two letter words 




Week 8

Phonological Awareness – Identification of familar sounds eg mouse / house 

Speech Work – Introduction of person (self) eg I am a girl 

Structure -Differentiation of sex e.g. he is a boy, she is a girl 

Vocabulary – New words 

Reading -Reading pictures

Writing -Writing two letters 




Week 9

Phonological Awareness – Use sounds of letter to form three letter words  

Speech Work – Identification and pronunciation of names of objects 

Structure – More on simple command 

Vocabulary – New words 

Reading – Pictures reading of introduction of person

Writing – Writing of two letter words (cont) 




Week 10

Phonological Awareness – use letter – sound correspondence to build and read unfamiliar words 

Speech Work – Identification / Pronunciation of names of objects as cup, hut etc  

Structure – More on simple command e.g. bring that ruler 

Vocabulary – New words

Reading – Picture reading 

Writing – or two letter words 



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