Class: Basic 1


Subject English Language ( Grammar)


Topic : Noun


Noun are names of people, places, animals and things.


For example


Names of people eg Popoola, Akande, Fidelis, Bode,, James etc


Names of  Animals eg lion, goat, cat, lizard, fish, etc





Names of Places eg Tapa Street, oshodi, igbogbo, offin ile, Bayeku, Alapere,


Names of something eg broom, book, box, biro, brnch, battery etc



Noun can be grouped into two main categories:


  1. Common Nouns

  2. Proper Nouns


Common Nouns refer to a class or group of places, people, animals or things eg. glass, cat, boy, road, spoon and motor.


Proper Nouns are specific names given to particular places, persons or things eg Nabeela, Edo, Olusegun, Baptist Church,

The first letter of all proper nouns are always written in capital letters



Class work


Underline the noun and write out the first letter of all proper nouns in capital Letter


  1. He lives in lagos with his parents.


  1. What is the capital of crossriver


  1. Both alia and sofia are in the same class.


  1. My birthday is in december .


  1. My pet cat is called lucky.


  1. They go to the church on sunday.


  1. We are going to abeokuta in april.
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