Primary 1 First term English Grammar 16

Read the passage and answer the questions below 
Tortoise Loses his Father-in-law
Every member of his family was very sad when the news came. Madam tortoise was under a tree in their compound when rabbit called to see her. 
Grandma, good day, said rabbit to the wife of tortoise sniffing around to search for kernel. what bring rabbit to my compound this afternoon? asked madam tortoise. It is true, rabbits do not come out at noon unless something is wrong. I hope everything is well seeing you in my compound this afternoon, tortoises wife looking into the eyes of the visitor. 
All is not well replied rabbit trying to break the palm-kernel he had pick from the ground earlier on. 
What is the matter?, asked madam tortoise in a hurry. Your father died yesterday on his way back from the. My father sent me to tell you about what had happened, replied rabbit. 
She dropped the orange she was peeling soon as the news got to her and began to cry shortly after, her crying drew the attention of her children to where she was and they too joined their mother to cry when they learnt of what had happened. 
Who died on his way back from the farm? 
(a) Tortoise father-in-law (b) rabbit father-in-law (c) rabbit father
What was rabbit searching for when he got to the home of tortoise? 
(a) Plam kernel (b) orange (c) coconut 
Rabbit generally do not come out in the day? (a) Yes (b) No 
What did madam tortoise do when the new of her fathers death got to her? 
(a) She started running (b) she dropped the orange
(c) she was peeling she beat up rabbit 
What did the children do when they saw their mother 
(a) they started fighting (b) they are playing         (c) joined their mother to cry 
Fill in the gaps 
T o __ orr __w
Ba __ __ __ oo __
A __ rp __rt
Ne __ sp __ p __ r
H __ adm __stress

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