Primary 1 French Exam

SUBJECT: FRENCH CLASS: GRADE 1 Underline the correct greetings in French 1. Good morning is ____(a) Beljour (b) Bonjour 2. Good afternoon is ____(a) Bonsoir (b) soiree 3. Welcome is ____(a) mal arrive (b) bonne-arrivee 4. Goodbye is ___(a) Au revoir (b) Au depart 5. How are you? Is ______ (a) combiencava? (b) comment cava?

2nd Term Verbal Primary 1 Exams

SUBJECT: VERBAL APT. PRIMARY 1 1. The letter that comes between I is ________ and ___________ Circle the vowel sound in the following words 2. load feet year 3. sing swing cloud 4. sport storm trade Pick from the list to form simple words. e.g ink ice ink ice ink ice ink ill, rice, ring

2nd Term Social Studies Pry 1 Exams

Edu Delight Tutors SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES PRIMARY 1 1. _____ is any thing that we eat to keep us alive. (a) rat (b) food (c) fool 2. We eat food _____day (a) every (b) some (c) table 3. There are ____ classes of food (a) 6 (b) 3 (c) 10 4. We get food we

1st Term Maths Exams Primary 1

Edu Delight Tutors Section A 50 ____ ____ 53 ____ 55 ____ 57 ____ 59 ____ 2 + 2 = 3+ 1 Add up 3 and 2 = 3 + 3 + 1 = 4 + 1 + 3 = 3+ 3+ 8 – 7 = 5 – 2 = Subtract 4 from 9 =

Second Term Exams Primary 1 CRK

Edu Delight Tutors SUBJECT: C.R.K Class : PRIMARY 1 Term : Second Term 1. The birth of baby is the time of joy and ___(a) celebration (b) sadness (c) hatred 2. The first people that visited baby Jesus were ___(a) the wise men (b) the foolish men (c) the harm men 3. Christmas is celebrated

2nd Term Exams Civic Education Primary 1

SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION CLASS: PRIMARY 1 Edu Delight Tutors  1. ________ and _____guide us on what to do. (a) five, light (b) rules , regulations (c) house, fire 2. Children should obey their ___(a) parents (b) leg (c) head 3. We must go to ____early (a) school (b) toilet (c) state 4. When we obey

1st Term Exams Primary 1 All Subjects

Edu Delight Tutors LAGOS . 1st TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: – BASIC 1 SUBJECT: -ENGLISH LANGUAGE Read the passage and answer the questions below Personal hygiene begins with hand washing. It is widely believed that healthy hands go a long way in making us stay healthy. So, it is good when you wash your hand before


SUBJECT: AGRIC.SCIENCE CLASS: PRIMARY 1 1. Flat land is land that is used for ____(a) fighting (b) swimming (c) agriculture 2. Farm animals provide _____for man (a) food (b) fork (c) frog 3. _____ is an example of food animal (a) lion (b) tiger (c) chicken 4. A ____can carry heavy load across the desert

3rd Term Pry 1 Exams All subjects

Edu Delight Tutors  3RD TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: BASIC 1 SUBJECT: Science and Technology 1. What is the color of Air? a. White b. Blue c. It is colorless 2. Can we see through air? a. Yes b. No c. May be 3. Can we live without air? a. Yes b. No c. May be 4.
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