Corruption in Nigeria and the way forward







CLASS: PRIMARY 6                 


                            SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE  




Instruction: Answer all questions.


Part A:


Comprehension Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow by choosing the appropriate of the options lettered A to C, (No. 1 to 10).


Passage A:


These monkeys were beautiful to watch but they fed on the crops around the forest because they fed on farmer’s crops. The farmers wanted to kill them but the monkeys were very smart and always on their guard. They would spot a man from afar and move quickly away from danger; and they did this successfully several times. They would pluck the farmer’s ripe banana and ripe cocoa pods and feed on them until they were satisfied. Several bunches of bananas and pods of cocoa were lost in a single visit by the monkeys. Although they did not take away the crops, they competed with the farmers in harvesting them. They usually left the farmers sad and angry after such visits. All the farmers had to become hunters as a result of this. They all owned guns, went to the farms with the guns and put them at their reach always.




1.) According to the passage, the monkeys ________________. (a) always killed the hunters   (b) were always guarded  (c) escaped several times unhunt


2.) A word that can correctly replace “Smart” as it is used in the passage is ____________. (a) Agile (b) clever  (c) fast


3.) The farmers wanted to kill the monkeys because the monkeys were ________________. (a) Destructive (b) greedy (c) innocent


4.) The farmers kept their guns at their reach always so that ________________. (a) They could easily take them (b) the monkeys might not steal them (c) the monkeys would not see them


5.) An appropriate title for the passage is _______________________________. (a) The children of the monkeys (b) The revenge of the farmers (c) The monkeys and the farmers  



Part B:


Grammar Identify the part of speech of the underlined word.


Samples: We iron our uniforms every Saturday.     Ans = Verb              

                 My bed is made of iron.                         Ans = noun


6.) The load is lig ht.                                             Ans = ________________


7.) The moon gives us light.                                 Ans = ________________


8.) They light the candle every Thursday.            Ans = ________________


9.) The farmers water the flowers daily.               Ans = ________________


10.) It is good to be good.                                    Ans = ________________  


Write out the type of pronoun that is underlined in each of the following sentences.


Sample: We are happy to see you.             Ans: Personal pronoun


11.) This is a secret between you and me.  Ans: _____________ pronoun


12.) Who is a teacher?                                Ans: _____________ pronoun


13.) This is a teacher.                                 Ans: _____________ pronoun


14.) These apples are mine.                        Ans; _____________ pronoun


15.) He cut himself last night while he was shaving.      Ans: _________         pronoun  


Part C: Vocabulary development Complete each of the following questions with the right option from the given alternatives.


16.) He wants to start a ____________ so he bought some chicken and chicks.        (a) ranch  (b) poultry  (c) piggery


17.) The State government is providing ______________ at subsidized rates to           farmers to encourage them and improve crop production. (a) chemicals            (b) labourers  (c) land


18.) The fastest sprinter was given a _________ medal at the athletic         competition. (a) bronze (b) copper (c) gold


19.) Christians or Muslims go on ____________ to the holy land. (a) excursion         (b) tour (c) pilgrimage


20.) A Nigerian ___________ won the 200metres race. (a)  athlete (b) citizen                 (c) delegate  


Part C


Singular                                   Plural


21.) Radius                                       __________________

22.) Stadium                                     __________________

23.) Deer                                           __________________

24.) Rice                                            __________________

25.) In-law                                        __________________  


Part D:




Write a composition that is not less than 100 words on “Corruption in Nigeria and the way forward”.                                         

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