Type of Citizenship Civic Education JSS 1 Civic Education

Lesson Plan Presentation Class: Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS 1) Subject: Civic Education Topic: Citizenship Sub-topic: Types of Citizenship Duration: One Week Term: Second Term Week Overview: This week, we will explore the concept of citizenship, specifically focusing on different types of citizenship and the conditions under which they are acquired. Objectives: By the end

Sources of Energy Basic Science Primary 1 First Term Week 5

Subject : Basic Science and Technology Topic : Sources of Energy  Term :First Term Week:Week  5 Class :Primary 1 / Basic 1   Previous lesson :  The pupils have previous knowledge of Types of Rooms at Home     Behavioural objectives : At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to Explain

Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers up to thousands and Millions using Real life examples Mathematics Primary 5 First Term Week 3

Subject:  MATHEMATICS [mediator_tech] Term: FIRST TERM Week: WEEK 3 Class: PRIMARY 5 / BASIC 5 Topic: ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION OF NUMBERS UP TO THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS  WHOLE NUMBERS  DECIMAL FRACTIONS  REAL LIFE PROBLEMS ON ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION OF NUMBERS  QUANTITATIVE REASONING  [mediator_tech] Previous lesson:  The pupils have previous knowledge of  Learners are familiar with  multiples


WEEK 1&2 TOPIC: LIVING THINGS SUBTOPIC: CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING THINGS Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able  to:   Say the meaning of  living things Identify some living things Mention 5 characteristics of living things. Resources & materials: Scheme of work.   6 years curriculum   Pupils textbook   Online

SS1 Further Mathematics Third Term Lesson Notes

Further Mathematics Third Term SSS1 Revision   WEEK 2 Reference Materials: New Further Mathematics project 1, by Adigun et al. Page 178 Previous Knowledge:  Students can identify calculating devices. Instructional Materials:  Charts showing flowcharts. Content FLOWCHART A flowchart is a diagrammatical representation of a solution to a problem.   Example: The perimeter of a rectangle