English Grammar Examination Common Entrance Primary 6




PRIMARY 6                                                        





Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

Many countries
often make efforts to preserve as much of their forest as possible. This is
because thick forest protect the soil, water supply and animals.

In addition to
keeping our forest, there are other important things to life which we get from
the forest reserve. A large number of animals live there. Animals in games
reserved are not hunted without government permission. That is one way of
making sure that the animals will not be extinguished.

Large amount of
fruits, roots and leaves used for food are found in the forest. Many drugs used
in the treatment of some diseases are obtained from forest fruits, herbs, trees
and roots. Many countries including Nigeria do not want people to destroy their
forest because of their usefulness. In most places, it is an offence to enter a
reserved forest without the permission of the government officials.



1.)   In addition to
keeping our forest, there are _________

(a) other
important products from the forest    (b) many unimportant products from the
forest (c) other many fake fruits from the forest


2.)   Animals living
the forest reserve are hunted _______

(a) by all
citizens (b) without government permission (c) with government permission


3.)   Other items
found in the forest reserved are ______

(a)  time, tree and
ocean (b) fruits, roots and leaves (c) meat, bread and oat


4.)   Drugs obtained
from forest, herbs, trees and roots are _____

(a)  sold to hospital
(b) exported (c) used in the treatment of some diseases


5.)   In some places,
government officials have to give permission before you can _____

(a) live in the
forest reserve (b) enter forest reserve (c) sing inside the forest reserve



Write out the synonym of the underlined

function of a teacher is to enlighten his pupils (a) right (b) duty (c)

7.)   More and more
people are becoming literate these days

wise (b) illiterate (c) knowledgeable

8.)   The shooting was
not accidental but a deliberate attempt to kill him

reasonable (b) intentional (c) devilish

yell at me like that, I am your teacher (a) laugh (b) shout (c) look

10.) She
is famous for her fine acting in the television (a) pompous (b) well
known (c) clever




Identify the part of speech that is
underlined in each of the following sentences


11.)   Where is my pencil     Ans =

12.)   Put  the books there     Ans =

13.)   These apples are his   Ans =

14.)   I am not happy with you        Ans =

15.)    I told him not to go out but he refused to listen to me       Ans =


Part D: 

         Write out the plural or these words                                        

16.)   Lady

17.)   Stadium

18.)   Hero

19.)   Ox

20.)   Child


Fill the gaps with the right collective

21.)   A_____________________ of keys

22.)   A_____________________ of thieves

23.)   A_____________________ of musicians

24.)   A_____________________ of cattle

25.)    A_____________________ of cotton



Write a composition on “My Mother”






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