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Read the following questions and pick the right answer from the given alternatives
1.) Food is what we eat or drink in order to ____ (a) die (b) live (c) sleep (d) play

2.) The most hygiene type of toilet in a flat is ____ toilet
(a) pit (b) bucket (c) soak away (d) water closet

3.) Textile fibres are classified into natural and ____
(a) man-made (b) scientific (c) artificial (d) vegetable

4.) The plan for the future income and expenditure is known as ____
(a) resources (b) income (c) budget (d) assets

5.) Income that is usually earned at the end of the month by skilled labour is known as ____
(a) wages (b) salary (c) dividend (d) resources

6.) We can spend our money wisely by buying _____ (a) TV (b) radio (c) shares (d) biscuits

7.) Bulk purchases and avoiding daily market are ways of avoiding ___ spending
(a) wasteful (b) resourceful (c) wise (d) good

8.) ____ is a daily pay (a) salary (b) wage (c) interest (d) dividend

9.) A meal that contains all classes of food in the right proportion is known as ____ diet
(a) ration (b) orderly (c) balanced (d) wasteful

10.) Table mat and shopping bag are examples of ____ made crafts
(a) home (b) industrial (c) school (d) nursery

11.) ____ is what is accrued to the family from investment savings or job
(a) loan (b) debt (c) income (d) capital

12.) Saving leads to _____ investment (b) bankruptcy (c) debt (d) assets

13.) Income from landed property is called ___ (a) capital (b) liability (c) debtor (d) rent

14.) Shares and debentures are advanced forms of ____
(a) investment (b) spending (c) liabilities (d) debtors

15.) Every eligible citizen in Nigeria is expected to pay ____ to the government
(a) salary (b) bribe (c) tax (d) homage

16.) The process of allotting money wisely on individual items is called ____
(a) budgeting (b) controlling (c) planning (d) marketing

17.) One of the modern mouth cleaning material is the ___
(a) charcoal (b) ashes (c) mouth wash (d) candle

18.) The mouth is made up of the lips, the teeth and the ___ (a) nose (b) ear (c) tongue (d) eyes

19.) The types of clothes that we put on will help people to identify our ___
(a) crime (b) level (c) culture (d) blood

20.) ______ is the sense organ of touch (a) nose (b) teeth (c) skin (d) eye

21.) ____ is the sense organ of sight (a) nose (b) skin (c) eye (d) mouth

22.) ____ is the smallest unit of life. (a) cell (b) tissue (c) organ (d) organism

23.) All these are energy giving foods except ____ (a) bread (b) yam (c) cassava (d) carrot

24.) The external structure of insect that function as bone is called ____
(a) endoskeleton (b) skeleton (c) exoskeleton (d) calvity

25.) The process of keeping food cold in storage is called ___
(a) processing (b) cooling (c) fan (d) refrigeration

26.) We wear shoes to protect our ___ (a) body (b) skull (c) skin (d) foot

27.) Stagnant water in broken pot is a good breeding place for ____
(a) rats (b) cats (c) snakes (d) mosquitoes

28.) A lady holding a party to entertain her friends is called the _____
(a) guest (b) host (c) invitee (d) honour

29.) Clothes should be washed before they become too ____ (a) expensive (b) dirty (c) dry (d) wet

30.) Whenever the skin is opened, torn or punctured by sharp object, the result is ___
(a) bruise (b) burn (c) cut (d) fracture

Part B: Theory
1.) Mention four sources of family income
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
2.) Mention two benefits of breast feeding
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

3.) What is balanced diet? _________________________________________________________

b.) Define (i) Dinner
(ii) Breakfast
4.) Mention four local dishes
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________
5.) Write out four classes of food
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

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