Which of these is not used for drawing?



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Basic Science and Technology


Topic: Tests


Instruction: Read the questions carefully and choose from the alternatives, the one that is most suitable.


1. ____________ is the picture representation of object or an idea. (a) painting (b) drawing (c) sculpture


2. Which of these is not used for drawing?

(a) pencil (b) eraser (c) ruler


3. A _________ is used for drawing angles. 

(a) protractor (b) Tee square (c) ruler


4. Which of these is not a contagious disease?

(a) malaria (b) chicken pox (c) measles


5. Kwashiorkor is caused by ___________. (a) virus (b) fungi (c) malnutrition


6. The temperature of boiling water is ___________.

(a) 100°c (b) 37°c (c) 0°c


7. The kidney help to remove ____________ from the body.

(a) sweat (b) urine (c) bile


8. Mention five common diseases in children.

______________, _____________, ______________, _____________ and _____________.


9. List five examples of drawing instrument.

______________, _____________, ______________, _____________ and _____________.


10. Give two examples of each of the following:

I. Contagious diseases: ______________, ______________


II. Non-contagious diseases: ______________, ______________

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