What is the freezing point of water



Class: Basic 5 


 Subject: Basic Science and Technology 


Topic: Tests 


 Instructions : Read the questions carefully and answer them. 


1. A machine made of plank or metal support placed in a slant position to form sloping surface is called _____

  A. Inclined plane

  B. Lever

  C. Pulley


2. Iron filling can be separated from sand through the use of _____.

  A. Spoon

  B. Magnet

  C. Sieve


3. ______ is anything that has weight and occupies space.

  A. Gas

  B. Matter

  C. Air


4. What is a germ?

  A. A disease

  B. A disease causing organism

  C. A microorganisms


5. The first aid box contains all the following except _____.

  A. Iodine

  B. Sugar

  C. Plaster


6. The plants that grow in places where they are not wanted are called _____.

  A. Wedge

  B. Weeding

  C. Weed


7. Digestion of food in the body is aided by organic catalysts called ______.

  A. Saliva

  B. Gastric Juice

  C. Enzymes


8. The hinge joint is found in one of the following parts of the body.

  A. Hip

  B. Shoulder

  C. Elbow


9. When water is heated for a long time, it changes into ____.

  A. Solid

  B. Ice

  C. Steam


10. Water freezes at ____.

  A. 100°C

  B. 50°C

  C. 0°C