The full meaning of www is


Class: Primary 5
Subject: Computer Study
Topic: Test

Instructions: Answer the following questions.

1. The full meaning of www is __________________________________

2. The first page that appear when you switch on your computer is called a ________
(a) screen (b) desktop (c) icons

3. The following are examples of internet browser except _____
(a) Internet explorer (b) Mozilla Firefox (c) Page fox

4. One of the following is an example of search engine (a) Google (b) E-mail (c) G-mail

5. One of the following is an ISP. (a) Nokia (b) Samsung (c) Globacom

6. ___ is a place where all deleted files & documents are kept?
(a) recycle bin (b) dust bin (c) waste bin

7. ______ allows us to send or receive mails via the internet. (a) e-mail (b) hyperlink (c) downloading

8. The black line that blinks on our monitor screen is called _______ (a) cursor (b) arrow (c) line

9. The use of internet to commit fraud is known as _____ (a) café fraud (b) cyber fraud (c) film fraud

10. _____ are small pictures on the desktop, which represent different folders, files and programs. (a) cursor (b) icons (c) taskbar