Sick animals should be separated from healthy ones


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Agricultural Science


Topic: Tests


Instructions: Read and answer the following questions correctly.


1. Sick animals should be separated from healthy ones. ( True / False)


2. ___________ is the growing of crops and rearing of animals both for consumption and for sale.


3. Which of the following crops is used for weaving?

(a) Latex (b) Fibre (c) Cotton


4. Mention three raw materials that can be obtained from farming.

_______________, _____________ and ______________.


Use the information to answer questions 5 – 7.


Choose from the list below:

[sales record, production record, consumption record, input record]


5. In which farm record would you find quantity of items produced? ___________.


6. The amount of money realized on the farm is found in which farm record? ________________.


7. ________________ record contains the amount of products consumed by the farmer.


8. Goat Belongs to the family called ___________.


9. Mention two breeds of goats: ________________ and ______________. 


10. The poultry fowl raise for meat production is called ______________.