House of animals should be well ventilated


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Agricultural Science

Topic: Tests

Instructions: Read the questions carefully and choose from the alternatives, the best which is suitably.

1. Which of the following is an example of a farm record? (a) drawing book (b) farm dairy (c) photo album

2. House of animals should be well ventilated.
(True / False)

3. _____________ record shows the day to day activities on the farm.
(a) Farm diary (b) Farm inventory (c) Sales record

4. Which of the following is not a food crop?
(a) yam (b) rice (c) Kolanut

5. Cocoa is used to produce ______________. (a) beverage (b) textile (c) Tyre or dunlop

6. Rubber, Cocoa and timber are examples of ___________.(a) food crops (b) cash crops (c) herbal crops

7. Organisms that are capable of causing economic damage to our crops are called ___________. (a) parasites (b) pests (c) domesticated

8. State two importance of farm records.

9. Mention the classification of parasites: _____________________________

10. List three examples of crop pests. ________________, ______________ and ______________.