Benefits of Farming


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Agricultural Science


Topic: Benefit of Farming.


Farming is important to the farmer, people and the country at large.

Some of the importance of farming are:


  1. It provides job opportunity for people, e.g. Farmers


  1. It provides raw materials for industries, e.g. Cotton for textile industry, Rubber for Tyre or Dunlop industry.


  1. It provides clothing and shelter for people, e.g. wool and skin of animals are used to make clothes, e.g. wool of sheep


  1. It serves as sources of income to the farmer.


  1. It serves as foreign exchange earning to the government.




1.) Mention three importance of farming:


2.) Cotton is used in the _______________ industry. ( rubber, textile)


3.) Can we use wool of a sheep to make cloth? (Yes / No)


4.) Mention five food crops gotten from farming:


5.) List three cash crops used by industry:

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