Types of subsistence farming



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Agricultural Science


Topic: Farming


Farming is the act of cultivating crops and rearing of animals for man’s consumption and to make profit.


Types of farming


There are basically two types of farming. These are:


  1. Subsistence farming : This is a type of farming whereby a farmer grows crop for himself and his family for consumption.


  1. Commercial farming: This is the type of farming where by farmers grow crops and rear animals for profit purposes.


Characteristics of subsistence farming :


  1. Small piece of land is required
  2. Simple farm tools are used
  3. Small amount of money is needed to start it.
  4. Food crops are usually grown
  5. Labourers are not needed



1.) Define farming


2.) List two types of farming


3.) state three characteristics of subsistence farming

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