What is desalination?


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Tests

Instructions: Read and answer the following questions correctly.

1. Buildings with two floors are called ________________.
(a) Bungalows (b) Duplexes (c) Skyscrapers

2. What is desalination?

3. The first railway line in Nigeria was from ___________ to _____________.

4. Mention the two major forms of land transportation:
____________ and _____________.

5. What is the full meaning of the acronym GSM?

6. To communicate with many people at the same time, we use _____________.
(a) telephone (b) television (c) post office

7. State three factors that hinders physical growth and development.

8. During sleep, our bodies _____________ a lot of the lost energy during the day.

9. Substances which change our mood and make us act strangely are called _____________.

10. Mention two areas in Nigeria which girls and women are treated unfairly.
____________ and _____________.

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