Write Short Notes On The Objectives Of Social Studies


Social Studies is the study of man and his environment.
Man’s environment may be social or physical environment. Social studies is designed in such a way that students will gain basic understanding of certain skills, abilities, and attitudes that will make them become active citizens of the society.

“Social Science is the study of human relations”- Jarolimick

Social Science is the study of the activities of social and physical environment -Michels

Nature of social Science:

As an independent subject
As a unified subject
Scope of social science:

Study of human relation
Study of man-made institutions
Society related study
Study of past based incidents
Development of citizen related traits
Study of natural Science and development
Study of relations based o internationalism
Importance of teaching Social Science:

With it ,man is enabled to solve practical problems
It helps in becoming an efficient citizen of democracy
It has significance to develop an international viewpoint
It helps forms mans social character
Man is made duty bound
It enlightenes the path of progress and advancement
It is important for moral progress of society
Important for institutions and communities
Objectives of social Science:

Objectives of social Science according to scholars-

To provide the knowledge of natural and social environment
It make us know how man can fulfill their needs
To develop human qualities in students
To know duties towards human society
To develop imagination,critical thinking,resoning power in students
To provide knowledge and prudence to students
To enable students to work according to the environment
To develop desirable attitudes
To provide training in good behaviour
To develop fundamental proficiencies
To develop comparison,analysis,summary,evaluation
To develop personality
To develop feeling of cooperation
To develop feeling of morality in students
To acquire with the social thinking
To cooperate with society actively
To approve of social values
To develop the feeling of universal brotherhood
To develop mental and intellectual processes
To develop prudence in students
Aims of teaching social Science:

To provide knowledge related to culture and civilisation
To beget the education a democracy
Development of civil qualities
Development of social behaviour
Knowledge of social development
Begetting a Social knowledge
All round development of personality
Development of the feeling of universal brotherhood
To show the significance of mutual dependence
Development of the power of reasoning and thinking
Ability to mould oneself according to the environment
Development of good habits and suitable proficiency
Socialisation of a student
Development of modernisation
Development if Social and moral values

Write Short Notes On The Objectives Of Social Studies

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