Moral Education and Civil Societies in Nigeria


Class: Basic 5


Subject: Civic Education


Topic: Moral Education and Civil Societies.


Moral education is a training which shows us the right and just way to lead our lives.

The right values of life such as tolerance, hard work, obedience, honesty, unity of purpose in conduct, love, etc.


Preaching the following moral values among civil society group will enable such a group to achieve its set goals.


1. Oneness/ unity: People should see themselves as one irrespective of their religious, social or cultural backgrounds. They should always do things that will promote the unity of the group and society in general.


2. Justice and fair play: People should always act in the spirit of justice and according to the rules. Everybody is equal and we must respect each other.


3. Honesty/ truthfulness: We must be honest in dealing with each other. Honesty is important in building trust when working as a group.


4. Love: We must love ourselves and others around us. This is needed for any meaningful coexistence. Love helps to reduce conflict among people.


5. Tolerance: Civil society groups must learn to tolerate each other and the society in which they operate even when they do not agree with other people’s views and values.


6. Obedience: Social groups must be obedient to all legitimate authorities.


7. Hard work: We must work hard and aim towards nation building.


Review Questions:


1. Identify three right values of life according to Moral education teachings.





2. State two benefits of moral education to civil societies.



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