)The headquarters of ECOWAS is in


CLASS:: Primary 3
SUBJECT:: Social—
TOPIC:: Assessment
Fill in the correct answer::::

(1)The Economic community of West Africa state was founded on______.
(a) May 29th 1975.
(b)May 18th 1975.
(c)May 28th 2975.

(2)The headquarters of ECOWAS is in _____

(3)Africa is divided into______regions .
(a)ten (b) eight
(c)five .

(4)Radio is an example of ___means of communication.
(a)traditional (b)style

(5)What is an island.

example of food crops
(a)rice and beans
(b)shoe and sock
(c)gold and cotton.

(7)People who look for materials are called______(a)pastor

(8)When a person feel ill,he or she should see a _________

(9)Being careless on the street lead to ____
accident(a)bed (b)road(c)school.

(10)______is the faster means of transportation .
(a)air (b)road(c)rail.