Revision (Physical development and Personal hygiene)


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Revision (Physical development and Personal hygiene)

Instruction: Read the questions and answer them correctly.

  1. ___________ is the period when a child’s body undergoes dramatic sexual development.
    (a) Adolescence (b) Puberty (c) growth

  2. Two factors that can hinder physical growth and development are __________ and ____________.

  3. List three changes in girls body during puberty.

  1. The condition passed from parents on to their children which hinder physical development is called ________________
    (a) Hereditary (b) illness (c) Malnourishment

  2. What is personal hygiene ?

  1. Mention three things we must do to keep our bodies fit and healthy.
    _____________, ______________, and _________________.
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