Mending clothes



Class: Basic 5


Subject: Home Economics


Topic: Mending clothes


When a button falls off your cloth, it should be put back in place.

When there is a tear, it should be mended right away. The techniques include:


I.) When clothes’ stitches at the seam give way, remove the old weak stitches with hand or sewing machine. Thread the needle and run some back stitches on the seam line to close the gap.


II.) A hole in your socks can be darned. If it is a white pair of socks, use white thread to sew. Remove any loose thread at the spot to be darned. Turn the socks to the right side. Do some running stitches one way and repeat the process by going the opposite way to ensure that the hole is totally covered with running stitches in a criss-cross manner over the hole.

Use the colour of thread that matches the colour of the articles to be darned in order to make it less noticeable or look different.


III.) Patch work: In a patch work, a piece of material of similar colour and weight is needed for this job.

i. Get the clothe to be patched.

ii. Cut out the patch.

III. Turn in the edges to the wrong side and baste to hold the hem in place.

iv. Place the patch on the right side of clothe area to be patched and baste the pieces securely.

v. Stitch round the edge of the patch using small stitches in order to make the patch less noticeable.

vi. Turn the clothe to the wrong side and hem round the patch to secure it in place.

vii. Remove the basting thread and snip off loose thread.

viii. Press flat with moderately hot iron.


Evaluation questions:


  1. Explain how you can mend a hole in your socks.


  1. In a patch work, a piece of material of similar ______________ and ________________ is needed for the job.


  1. A patch work requires the colour of thread as the material. True / False
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