Heat and Temperature

Subject : BASIC Science and Technology


Topic : Heat and Temperature 

  • Meaning of temperature
  • Explain Heat
  • Difference between heat and temperature
  • Types of thermometer

Class : BASIC 5


Term : Third Term


Week : Week 7


Previous Knowledge : The pupils have been taught forms and conversion of Energy


Behavioural Objectives :  At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • Define temperature
  • Explain heat
  • Say the difference between heat and temperature
  • Mention various types of thermometer


Temperature is the degree of how hot or how cold the body or a place is.

Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of the body or a place.

Heat is the transfer or movement of temperature between two substances at different coldness or hotness


Difference Between Heat and Energy

  1. Heat is measured by calorimeter while temperature is measured by thermometer
  2. The basic unit of measuring heat is Joule while the basic unit of measuring temperature is Kelvin
  3. Heat involves the transfer of energy from hot body to cold body while temperature involves the degree of hotness or coldness of the body or place

What is a thermometer.

A thermometer is a device that is used to measure temperature. Thermometer measures the degree of hotness or coldness of the body or place

What are the various types of thermometer

What are the different types of thermometer?
  • Digital thermometers. Digital thermometers are regarded as the fastest and most accurate type of thermometer. … They are called digital thermometer because they measure temperature in by showing figures or digits .
  • Electronic ear thermometers. …
  • Forehead thermometers. …these types of thermometers are in shapes of guns that are pointed to foreheads to measure hotness or coldness
  • Glass and mercury thermometers.These types of thermometers are commonly used in clinics and hospitals to measure temperature. They may be put under the armpits or inside the mouths of patients in clinics or hospitals.



The topic is presented steps by steps

Step  1 : The class teacher revises the previous topics

Step 2 : He introduces the new topic

Step 3 :  He allows the pupils to give their own examples and contributions and he corrects them when the needs arise


1. What is Heat

2. What is temperature

3. Mention three types of temperature

Conclusion : He gives a brief note and he goes round to mark


Assignment : Read about degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit



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