Home Economics Second Term Examination Primary 5

Home Economics Second Term Examination Primary 5



  1.    A place where family members live is called (a) surrounding (b) environment (c) home (d) garden
  2. Which of the following does not make a home (a) sitting room (b) bedroom (c) toilet (d) guard room
  3.   The manner and ways by which we keep our body clean in order to remain healthy is known as _______ (a) body caring (b) body hygiene (c) body fitness (d) body massage  
  4.    One of these is not a way of practicing body hygiene (a) regular bath (b) washing of mouth twice daily (c) sleeping with sweat (d) wearing of suitable clothes  
  5.   A __________ is a place or a room where we prepare, cook and serve our food (a) dinning room (b) kitchen room (c) bathroom (d) bedroom
  6.    Which of the following is not used in keeping kitchen hygiene (a) water (b) mop (c) broom (d) sewage
  7.    _____________ are insects and animals which are harmful to man and his environment (a) household parasites (b) household animals (c) household pests (d) household insects
  8.    Choose out of the following, which is not a household pest (a) bee (b) mosquito (c) bedbug (d) ants
  9.    Household pests can be destroyed using the following except _____ (a) insecticides (b) pesticides (c) littering of food stuff on the floor (d) setting of trap for rats and rodents
  10.  The two types of wastes are (a) organic and solid (b) organic and refuse (c) organs and organic (d) inorganic and solid
  11.  ____________ is the process of preparing food for eating (a) baking (b) cooking (c) steaming (d) boiling
  12.  Which of the following method would you used to cook moimoi (a) toasting (b) boiling (c) grilling (d) steaming
  13.  Which of these is not found in the kitchen (a) iron (b) cooker (c) sink (d) refrigerators
  14.  Which of these kitchen materials produces flame (a) yam pounder (b) grinding stone (c) cooker (d) blender
  15.  In the preparation of pounded yam, which of the listed below is not needed (a) yam (b) mortar (b) blender (d) pestle
  16.  Doughnuts are snacks prepared with _____ (a) boiled rice (b) yam flavour (c) flour (d) butter
  17.  Grilling is a method of cooking used in making ______ (a) fried rice (b) suya (c) pepper soup (d) plantain chips
  18.  Which of the following foods is prepared using roasting method of cooking (a)  cakes (b) corn (c) meat pie (d) beans  
  19.  Which of these household pests does not suck human blood (a) bedbug (b) mosquito (c) housefly (d) tick
  20.  One of the most important usefulness of refuse is that (a) it can be burnt (b) it can be buried (c) it can be recycled (d) it can be thrown in drainage    

Section B

  1. What is a home? _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  2.  Mention any three places that make a home (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________           
  3.  Define body hygiene __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  4.  Mention two ways by which we can keep body hygiene    (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________  
  5.  What is a kitchen? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
  6.  List four things that can be found in a kitchen (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________  
  7.  What are household pests? _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________  
  8. State the two types of household pests   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________      
  9.  Define cooking? _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________  
  10.  State four methods of cooking (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________
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