1st Term Examination ENGLISH LANGUAGE 16 Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5



Many years ago there was a great famine in a village called Aruland. People died like chickens and there was no one to bury them. No one felt strong enough to perform the ceremonies. Many people left the country and trekked away to the east across the lake and to the west into the forest. Many people sold their children to get food; only those who loved their children very much preferred to keep them and starve with them. Even the daughters of the chiefs were married off to obtain food, for even the rulers were hungry. Men of lowly birth who had food married princesses

People would eat anything. If they found things that only looked like potatoes they ate them, not minding whether they were poisonous or not. Consequently, many people who ate such poisonous items died. They would have been better off not eating at all

  1. In Aruland village there was (a)a fire disaster (b)an epidemic (c)a great ceremony (d)a scarcity of food
  2. When people left the country they trekked to (a)the west and the south (b)the east and the west (c)the lake and the river (d)the neighbouring village
  3. The hunger was so great that many people (a)slaughtered all their chickens (b)fought and quarreled over animals (c)abandoned their children (d)sold their children to get food
  4. Some poor people, were able to marry princesses because (a)they were rich and kind (b)they had food (c)they were very handsome (d)the princesses ran after them
  5. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? (a)many people starved to death (b)the people in the village danced everyday (c)people moved across the lake or walked into the forest (d)those who loved their children starved instead of selling them


Instructions: – Choose from the list of words lettered A to D the one that is NEAREST IN MEANING to the word underlined in the sentence

  1. Mungo Park discovered the source of the River Niger (a)made (b)found (c)formed (d)developed
  2. I remember what you said (a)forgive (b)remind (c)recall (d)think
  3. The thieves intended to attack the rich man in the night (a)attempted (b)planned (c)went (d)failed
  4. He is a faithful man, you can depend on him (a)reply (b)rely (c)call (d)rest
  5. My uncle is the head of the village (a)judge (b)master (c)middleman (d)leader


Instruction:- Choose the one that most correctly explains the meaning of the sentence

  1. I came across this book in the library. This means that I _______ (a)took this book to the library(b)found this book in the library (c)borrowed this book from the library (d)forgot this book in the library
  2. Chinedu is a glutton. This means that Chinedu _______ (a)eats only vegetable food (b)eats only food made from mutton (c)does not like eating (d)eats too much
  3. When Olu got to the road junction, he did not know which direction to go. This means that Olu _______ (a)changed his mind and went back home (b)just decided to stop at the junction (c)was confused about the road to take
  4. All the boy can boast of is one pair of shoes. This means that he _______ (a)does not have more than a pair of shoes (b)has all kinds of shoes (c)has no shoes at all (d)has only worn out shoes
  5. The boy is too young to learn how to drive. This means that the boy ________(a)is a learner driver (b)may learn to drive in future (c)is too short to drive (d)cannot learn to drive now


Instruction:- choose the appropriate option that suit the following statement

  1. Nobody _____ attend the party if Collins does not come (a)can (b)has (c)will (d)are
  2. “I would have _________ to stay her”, Matilda said (a)likes (b)liked (c)liking (d)love
  3. ______ he comes, call me (a)so soon (b)as soon as (c)immediate (d)shall
  4. He ________ a song at evening tides (a)sings (b)sing (c)singing (d)sang
  5. The people you invited did not ________ after all (a)come (b)comes (c)coming (d)came


Write a detailed composition about any festival you know


Write about any story you have been told


Turn the following nouns to adjectives:

  1. Sun :-
  2. Science :-
  3. North :-
  4. Beauty :-
  5. Charity :-
  6. Danger :-
  7. Thank:-
  8. Hunger :-
  9. Length :-
  10. Trouble :-


According to the prose “Behind the rough road”

  1. What were the professions of Dare and Modupe while in Lagos? (a)trader and tailor (b)banker and secretary (c)teaching and accountant (d)engineering and farming
  2. What were the last things Dare picked as he fled the house? (a)touch and gun (b)clothes and sandals (c)food and water (d)documents and money
  3. Who were those that incited the riot in Jos? (a)the herdsmen (b)Boko haram (c)the natives (d)soldiers
  4. How much did the landlord refund to Dare and what did he want him to do? (a)N200,000 to pack out (b)N300,000 to repaint the building (c)N50,000 to become the care taker (d)N100,000 to marry his daughter
  5. Who advised Modupe to threaten her husband with divorce ? (a)her friends (b)her relatives (c)a counselor (d)a lawyer
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