Review on Preposition

Class: Basic 5

Subject: English Studies (Grammar)

Topic: Review on Preposition

Choose the correct preposition from the bracket to fill in the gap.

1. Bayo passed his exams and we ‘re proud ___ him. ( to, of, on)

2. One of the thieves has escaped ____ prison. (in, from, against)

3. Are you interested ____ learning about computers? ( to, in, for)

4. He never replied ___ my letter. ( for, to, by)

5. I’m very fond ____ green vegetables. ( of, with, in)

6. I don’t think you paid ___ that coke. ( by, for, on)

7. He thinks Eze did it, but I disagree ___ him. ( for, with, of)

8. Aren’t you fed up ___ all these exercises? ( with, to, for)

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