Read the passage carefully and then underline the correct answer to the questions.

Dinso’s Trick

There was once a terrible famine in the land of animals. Food and money were scarce. HUNGER made all the creatures very weak. The mother of Dinso, the tortoise , fell-ill and was at the point of DEATH. Dinso became very worried because he had no money for funeral ceremonies. He thought of what to do. At last he discovered a trick . He assembles all the animals and said to them, ‘ I am going to a distance land in search of food for all of us who are HUNGRY. Do not send for me unless something unusual happens. The animals agreed. Three days later, Dinso’s mother DIED. Death is not unusual and Dinso could not be sent for. Discovery the trick, the elephant ADVISED. ‘let’s tell Dinso that the palm trees bear fruits at the and of its leaves. This is unusual and should make him return quickly.

The other animals welcome the idea, thanked the elephant for the good ADVICE and sent for DINSO. On hearing of palm trees bearing fruits at the and of the leaves, he hastened back. When he arrived the animals said to him, ‘your mother is DEAD. Now arrange for her funeral according to our custom. You cant deceive all the people all the time.

1. What made the animals very weak? (a) Anger (b) inadequate food (c) death

  1. What was Dinso’s problem? (a) His mother fell ill (b) His mother was fasting (c) He was too poor to pay for his mother’s funeral if she dies.
  2. When did Dinso ask other animals to send for him? (a) when his mother died (b) when the hunger ceased (c) when something move that the ordinary happened

3. .What did he hope would happen? (a) what the other animals might perform the funeral ceremonies

(b) that his mother might recover

© that he would bring food home.

4. What ‘unusual’ thing did elephant suggest? (a) that palm nuts were growing on the tips of the leaves of palm trees.

(b) that food was falling from heaven (c) that it was time for harvest

5. What did Dinso do when heard of palm nuts growing on the tips of palm leaves? (a) he refused to come back (b) He hurried back home (c) He thanked the animals


Write Out the part of speech of the words that are boldly written 

  1. What part of speech is HUNGER? (a)noun (b) verb (c) adjective
  2. What part of speech is hungry? (a) noun (b) adverb (c) adjective
  3. Out of the words in capital letters in the passage which one is a verb? (a) died (b) dead (c) death
  4. Who was Dinso? (a) tortoise (b) elephant (c) animal

Complete each of the sentences below with the proper word formed from the one in capital letters.

  1. WIND: The day is ________________
  2. DISOBEY: The _________ boy is absent
  3. FAME: The author is __________ for his books
  4. JOY: Babies ________ powdered milk

5 ,  BLOOD:- His wound  __________ everyday

6, SHORT: Please _______the stick by ten inches

Choose the appropriate word from the list below to complete each of the following sentences.

Under, since, among, off, except, between, of , till, by, against.

  1. Divide the oranges _____ the ten children.
  2. My box is made __________ iron
  3. Share the oranges ___________ the two girls.
  4. The car ran ____________ the road and overturned.
  5. She travelled to Kano __________train.

Add a suitable or suffix selected from the list below to change the meaning of each of the following words .

( Un, dis, er, ness, ig, fy, less, il, ar, im )

  1. pure    — ______________________
  2. literate — __________________
  3. kind—- ____________________
  4. port —– __________________
  5. noble  —- ________________

Give the meaning of the prefix below

  1. a ___________________
  2. ante _________________
  3. bi ______________
  4. de ______________
  5. inter ______________

Chose the correct verb from the bracket in each of the following sentences.

  1. Either Peter or Paul (have, has) a clock.
  2. One of the chickens (are, is) dead.
  3. Nobody (knows, know) our names.
  4. Both of them (grow, grows) fatter and stronger
  5. The tailor and the mechanic (hate, hates ) him.

Split the following sentences into subject and predicate

  1. Accra is the capital of Ghana.
  2. my teacher has a motor-cycle.
  3. Sit down.
  4. He was sick last week.
  5. can the bird fly?


Write on any one of the topics below.

  1. My best subject
  2. A teacher is more important than a trader   or A trader is more important that a teacher ?
  3. My happiest day in life.
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