FIRST TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE



CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                  



1.)  Mechanized farming involves farming with ______________.                           (a) machines (b) tools (c) mattock

2.)  The early men were _______________. (a) pilots (b) wanderers                        (c) civilized

 3.)  The branch of agricultural science that deals with fish production is known as _____________. (a) Fishing (b) Fishery (c) Fisher

4.)  Rearing of animals for man’s use is known as animal ____________.                (a) husbandry (b) midwifery (c) cultivation

 5.)  Cocoa can be used to produce beverage like ____________. (a) Nescafe (b) Lipton (c) Milo

6.)  ____________ is the oldest vocation. (a) Farming (b) Acting (c) Teaching

7.)  ____________ is used to produce garri. (a) Yam (b) Rice (c) Cassava


 8.)  One of the advantages of agricultural science is that it produces ____________ for industries. (a) electricity (b) raw materials (c) life


9.)  Hide and Skin are the raw materials that are used to produce __________ and ____________. (a) wear and tear (b) shoes and bags (c) man and woman


10.)                     The early men lived in ___________ (a) hotels (b) caves (c) gutter


 11.)                     ________ is the uppermost part of the earth that support plant’s growth. (a) Soil (b) Earth (c) Land

12.)                     __________ soil is good for modeling pots. (a) Humus (b) Loamy (c) Clay


13.)                     The process whereby rocks are broken down into smaller pieces is known as ___________. (a) eruption (b) volcano (c) weathering


 14.)                     A person who takes care of flowers is called a ____________.                 (a) florist (b) miller (c) stylist

15.)                     The soil contains living organisms like ___________ (a) water                        (b) air (c) earthworm



 16.)                     _____________ is formed when rocks are broken down into smaller units. (a) Rocks (b) Soil (c) Organism


17.)                     Yam is an example of ___________ food. (a) carbohydrate                    (b) protein (c) living


18.)                     Animals that feed only on herbs or plants are called ___________. (a) Omnivores (b) Herbivores (c) Carnivores


 19.)                     Man, based on his mode of feeding can be said to be _______________. (a) Omnivore (b) Herbivore (c) Carnivore


 20.)                     Afforestation is the process of ___________ trees. (a) felling                  (b) planting (c) burning  






1.)  Mention three types of  soil ________________________


 2.)  Mention two agents of weathering ______________


 3.)              Farm Produce                       Product Produced

     a.)  palm tree            _______________

b.)  cocoa                 _______________  


 4.)  Write out four animals that were domesticated _________________

 5.)  Mention two energy giving food crops ___________________________

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