Read the passage carefully, and answer the questions that follow.



Class: Basic 5


Subject: English Studies


Topic: Revision


Instruction: Read the passage carefully, and answer the questions that follow.



We had paddled along the banks of the Niger for about thirty kilometers, every centimeter of which we had carefully looked at, but could not discover any bit of dry land which was firm enough to bear our weight. We therefore decided to continue along the river, and, to satisfy our hunger, we ate a little cold rice and honey, and drank water from the stream. We allowed the canoe to drift down with the current, for our men were too tired with labor of the day to work any longer. 




1. The men referred to in this passage are called ________. (a) sailors (b) pilots

(c) drivers (d) paddlers


2. The people decided to continue along the river because _________________

(a) they wanted to eat their food

(b) they wanted to drink water 

(c) they could not get firm ground for landing

(d) the wind was against them


3. The distance that was covered was _______________. 

(a) thirty kilometers (b) a day’s journey (c) thirty centimeters (d) the width of the Niger


4. While travelling, these men were all the time ___________________. 

(a) taking photographs

(b) sleeping soundly

(c) catching fish

(d) carefully observing


5. The canoe was allowed to drift down by the current because ___________________. 

(a) the weight was too much

(b) their men were too tired with the day’s work

(c) the men were hungry

(d) the river was very fast


Choose from the list of words lettered a – d, the one which is opposite in meaning, or almost opposite meaning to the words in italics. 


6. Be *_brief_* in your speech. 

(a) short (b) fat (c) lengthy (d) medium


7. Do not *_hide_* your face. 

(a) uncover (b) conceal (c) run (d) seek 


8. You must *_improve_* your English. (a) increase (b)mend (c) prove (d) spoil


9. John is a *_friend_* of mine. 

(a) lover (b) relative (c) foe (d) helper


10. You must *_resolve_* to fight. (a) hesitate (b) decide (c) search (d) insist