Napier’s bones was invented by


SUBJECT: Basic Science and Technology
TOPIC: Assessment Test

Instructions: Write out the questions and the answers alone.

1. ______________ pollution is the release of dangerous materials or substances into the environment.
a. Water
b. Chemical
c. Noise

2.___________ is an example of chemical pollution.
a. Burning of refuse
b. Eating in the kitchen
c. Smell from the toilet

3. The pollution from unwanted or too much sound is referred to as ____________.
a. Air pollution
b. Water pollution
c. Noise pollution

4. Which of the following does not cause noise pollution?
a. Loud music
b. Road traffic
c. Writing on the board

5. One of these is not an effect of noise pollution.
a. Deafness
b. Sound sleep
c. Loss of memory

6. Napier’s bones was invented by __________
a. Mrs Bode Idowu
b. John Napier
c. Mark Napoleon

7. Pascal’s calculator was invented by ______
a. Blaise Pascal
b. John Napier
c. Fidelis Abraham

8. Leibniz multiplier can perform how many functions? 
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2

9. State any three components of a system unit.

10. State the full meaning of RAM

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