Simple machine makes work easier


SUBJECT:: Basic Science


1. Simple machine makes work easier
A. May be
B. True
C. False

2. Example of animal that live in water is

A. Chicken
B. Fish
C. Ram

3.——– is a domestic animals

A. Tiger
B. Snake
C. Cat

4. ——— is an example of a living things

A. Table
B. Ruler
C. Ram

5. Non living things can move
A may be
B. true
C. false

6.————- is used to carry load

A. fork
B. spoon
C. basket

7. ———— is the ability to do work

A. energy
B. Kite
C. sleep

8. We use ……. every day in the house

A. sand
B. water
c. cutlass

9. Objects that needs air are ——-

A. phone
B. ruler
C. plant

10. We use water to wash our——

A. Books
B. Stones
C. Clothes


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