Basic Three Second Term Examination Agricultural Science




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1. is the upper part of the earth that supports plant growth.

(a) Salt (b) Sun (c) Soil

2. formal soil

(a) Water (b)Rock (c) Cement

3.The process of breaking down rock to form soil is called

(a) Weather (b) Weathering (c)Snow

4. holds the roots of growing plants

(a) Sky (b) Soil (c) Shoe

5. provides water and nutrients for growing plants.

(a) Sky (b) Soil (c) Shoe

6. The most common types of soil are clay, sand and soil.

(a) Smooth (b) rough (c) loamy

7. soil is used for building bridges and houses (a) Smooth (b) Clay (c) Sandy

8. soil is closely packed and it is good for modeling pots

(a) Humus (b) Loamy (c) Clay

9. The best type of soil for farming is soil (a) Loamy (b) Clay (c) Sandy

10. soil has large air space (a) loamy (b) Clay (c) Sandy

11. soil heats up easily it can also be used to heat up groundnuts by women selling groundnuts. (a) Sandy (b) Clay (c) Loamy

12. is a type of soil (a)Clay (b) Glass (c)Table

13. The type of soil that is sticky when wet is called (a) Humus (b) Sand (c) Clay

14. is one of the organisms that live in the soil. (a) Goat (b) Lion (c) Earthworm

15. Bush burning improves soil fertility (a) True (b) False (c)Not sure

16. is the washing away of plants nutrients by rainfall

(a) Leaching (b) Weathering (c) Evaporating

17. Overgrazing exposes soil to harsh weather condition like excessive heat

(a) True (b) False (c) Undecided

18. is the washing away of soil surface by water or wind.

(a)Erosion (b) Transplanting (c) Executive Order

19. ` is one of the causes of soil infertility

(a) Fertilizer application (b) Cover crops (c) Bush burning

20. can expose farmland to erosion (a)Clean Clearing (b) Farm records (c)Poultry



  1. Mention Four causes of soil infertility
  2. Mention three types of soil
  3. Mention four farm tool.