Nigeria is my country


SUBJECT:: Social – Studies

TOPIC:: Evaluation-



  1. A dirty environment can cause ——


A. enjoyment

B. neatness

C. sickness


  1. I must —— my hands before l eat.


A. wash

B. cut

c. smell


  1. ——is my country


A. Nigeria

B. Ghana

C. Togo


  1. …….. is an area where families live work and play.


A. hospital

B. neighborhood

C. I don’t know


  1. The set of people who live in the same communities are called


A. Families

B. Enemies

C. I don’t know


  1. People who takes care of the sick people are called……


A. Lawyer

B. Doctor

C. Teacher



  1. It is good to make noise in the class.


A. yes

B. No

C. May be


  1. A place where we buy and sell is called.


A. school

B. market

C. Church


9.———– takes care of the house and family


A. Teacher

B. Mother

C. Tailor


10.In a classroom…… teaches the pupils


A. tailor

B. farmer

C. teacher

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